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8 Essential Qualities of a Trustworthy Home Builder

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Once you decide to build the custom home you’ve always wanted, you have immersed yourself fully into a great commitment. The mission and task of building a home is challenging physically, mentally, financially, and on many occasions, emotionally. As challenges come one after another, you will become more determined to finish the job. Building a custom home begins with a dream. Then you conceive a design that suits your family’s taste and needs considering the area and shape of the lot where your home will soon rise. Then you hire an architect to make that design tangible, and commission a home builder to finally construct your home – for real.

There are lots of home builders around but not all of them are worthy of your trust and hard-earned money. You need to choose the right home builder for your project to see your dream home to completion. It should be one with an ear that’s willing to listen to all matters you want to discuss, an open mind that considers and evaluates your opinions, and proactiveness to contribute ideas especially on design improvement, cost optimization, materials sourcing, and other relevant subjects. These are the fundamental qualities you need to see in a home building contractor.

Aside from a contractor’s basic qualities, there are other aspects that are equally important in home construction; you should look for these when choosing a contractor to build your home:


This is one of the most important factors you must find in a home builder. A legitimate home construction company is one that is authorized by law to operate. This means a home builder should have a valid license, current insurance coverage and registration with the Construction Contractors Board (CCB). Ask for these from your prospect contractor to ensure that their operations are legit.

Quality Consciousness

One of the things you need from an excellent custom builder like the home construction company in Bixby, OK is the confidence that they will build you a home that lasts a lifetime. All contractors will certainly give you that assurance but not all of them will deliver this promise. To know that your contractor is concerned about the quality of their work, look at the materials they use in their past projects, or ask a quality inspector to do it for you. If the quality of those materials are not at par with your expectations, go to your next prospect.

Another option would be to ask the contractor’s previous clients about their quality standards. Make the past clients’ testimonies the basis for your evaluation and decision.

Customer Service Skills

A good home construction company is ready and willing to listen to any comments, suggestions or questions you might have about the project. Again, you will know this by asking your prospect’s past clients.


This is an important characteristic of any good home builder must have. It allows them to make adjustments should their customers insist on something to get the customization they want. Part of your evaluation should be to ask the contractor if they are willing to accommodate your ideas.


A lengthy experience in constructing customized home designs will certainly give your prospect the capability to build the home exactly the way you wanted it to be. An experienced home builder should be able to give you a list of their past verifiable projects.

Good Communication Skills

Good communication is an essential aspect of all human interaction. When choosing a home builder, you should observe the way they handle communication, whether they give prompt and concise answers to your phone calls, emails or direct questions.


Ask your prospect builder to give you a list of their past clients. Contact three or four of these previous customers and ask what they can say about the home builder in question.

Willingness to Offer Warranty

An honest and fair home builder should be able to offer a warranty to cover any issues that may come up after the project is completed. A warranty can also serve as an indication that your contractor is confident about the quality of their work. Nonetheless, you must bring this up specifically before you decide to move forward with your project.

A custom home is the realization of a lifelong dream. Make it the way you want it to be. Let the home construction company in Bixby, OK custom home building experts build it for you.

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