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Quick Useful Kitchen Restoration Tips During Covid-19

By May 28, 2020 No Comments

Installation of kitchen. Worker installs doors to kitchen cabinet. Installation of doors on kitchen cabinets

For most of us, it is a depressing situation to experience a global health crisis given the fact that going back to the regular habits is highly unlikely for the next coming months. Because of the coronavirus disease pandemic, many people are forced to stay at home and even cancel kitchen cabinet renovation plans.

Since outsourcing the renovation to a contractor during these times is challenging, you can make your time useful by planning out your next renovation project, instead. It is also the best time to look for the potential kitchen renovation contractor in your area that would help you carry out a successful renovation.

Since the kitchen is an essential part of our daily lives nowadays, you might want to give it a new vibe. We can use our extra time to use our creative juices into something beautiful and meaningful. Here are some of the quick kitchen renovation tips that you can do at home during this pandemic crisis.

Install Updated Light Fixtures

You might have some tripping and outdated light fixtures in your kitchen right now. Do not hesitate to replace it with a new light fixture, such as chandeliers and table lamps. A light fixture’s design and luminance can give a different vibe in your kitchen. In choosing the right light fixture, you have to consider the size of the kitchen space and the overall house design to prevent mismatched fixtures and design. Ceiling and wall fixtures are perfect for kitchen renovation since it is easy to install on your own – make sure that you follow manual instructions and cut the power while installing it. 

Replace Hardware

As simple as replacing knobs and pulls inside your kitchen and even other parts of the house, adds an instant upgrade. To get an extra eye-catching touch, you can choose from on-trend finishes such as brass, gold, and black. And if you are replacing pulls that have two screws secured to the cabinet, do not forget to check the measurement of it and match it to your new pulls.

Re-accessorize and Declutter

Aside from the traditional spring cleaning, this is probably the best time to declutter the unnecessary things and think of new decoration in your kitchen cabinet renovation. You might want to get rid of the old mugs or bowls that are just gathering dust in your kitchen cabinet. You can also replace old stuff to new fun things such as kitchen baskets for reorganizing.

Grab a Paintbrush

It is time to roll up your sleeves and do some work by painting your kitchen walls and cabinets of the color you want. A fresh coat of paint can cover discolored baths and basins, and other faded part of your kitchen wall. It also can infuse a different character in your kitchen. When it comes to painting, there are a lot of options you can explore, such as colors from muted to bold. If unsure, you can always talk to your trusted kitchen renovation contractor on what painting best suited to your kitchen walls. 

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