Custom Closets Tulsa

Why Should You Care About Your Closets?


Having an organized, neat home makes a difference in your mental health, and setting up a custom closet in Tulsa only makes it better. Need a walk in closet that gives you space to try on clothes? Freedom Homes is able to provide you this luxury. Need your hallway closets to have more utility spacing? Or maybe you need to add another hallway closet? We’d like to make known to the people in Tulsa and surrounding cities that our company does a great job at setting up closets and storage units and additional spaces in the home.


Build Better Peace in the Home


Studies have regularly shown that having a more organized home provides you with a healthier outlook on life. According to a 2013 article by the Huffington Post, 84% of Americans are stressed partially because their home is not clean enough or organized enough. Furthermore, over 80% of Americans find home upkeep is a continual stress for their lives. Whenever the home is not in a great state, we pile on that stress with all the other anxieties we have in life.


Organize and Never Lose Anything


By having a spot for everything, you have a much better chance of never losing anything. By having custom closets Tulsa, you are able to have a spot for everything! Plus, when everything has a place, you may find that they things you have aren’t actually necessary. You can find a list of statistics on home organization from this website here. They discuss that 20% of all the stuff we own we actually use regularly! So if you spend the time setting up closet spaces and storage spaces very intentionally, you could find out that many of the things you own can be sold or thrown out!


Make Your Partner Happier


Happy wife, happy life, right? While we aren’t looking to stereotype, we understand the reality that many times, it’s women who appreciate custom closets Tulsa. That being said, once a man has exposure to a great closet space, they’ll often find that it’s a luxury they can’t live without. So if you’d like to make your partner or spouse happier with the home’s status, then they will enjoy having closet space that lets them have all their things in the right places. 


Have a Great Home Inside and Out


It’s not all about the outside look of the house! The home’s excellence really shines whenever a guest walks in and finds out the beauty that lies inside. But what’s really the cherry on top of the great cake that is your house, is the intricate details in the home. Those intricate details include custom closets Tulsa! Most people don’t think about upgrading or enhancing their closet space, but when they do, boy it’s a magical experience. At Freedom Homes, we have lots of options for you to choose from for closet spaces. If you need to set up an appointment to see the closets of Tulsa, fill out our contact form.


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