Custom Home Building

Tulsa Custom Home Builders 

The first question we ask our potential homeowners is what kind of home or custom homes in Tulsa are you looking for? Are you looking for new construction or a home renovation? Some homeowners believe new construction is the only way to go because they get a brand new, maintenance free home with all the latest bells and whistles. Plus, it comes with a home warranty. They have peace of mind knowing everything is new.

If you fall into this category, where you want a fully updated, new home to reside in, our mission is to take your vision from the dream stage to reality. We do this by having open communication to ensure that your new home is being built exactly the way you envision. At the same time, we’re giving you peace of mind, knowing you are getting the best value for your money. For any Tulsa home remodeling job or custom home build, trust in Freedom Homes. But don’t simply trust in our grandiose word usage! Read helpful Google reviews online about our work and why we stand out! Reach out to our Tulsa custom home builders today to get started.

Our home construction company has the experience, skill, and commitment to build your new house. Since 1995, we’ve taken care of our clients one by one. Call today for your free design consultation and find out more about why you should trust Freedom Homes to be your Tulsa custom home builders. Reach out to our Tulsa custom home builders today to get started.


A new house has a multitude of advantages over an old house, that you really can’t get even with a Tulsa home remodeling job. One of the most important is that this house is built according to today’s standards. This means your new house is energy-efficient and meets all codes. Just a little thing like the number of electrical outlets is a big deal, for when you choose an older house, new outlets must be added. Reach out to our home builder to talk about what you want in your new house.

There are also safety factors. Older houses may have asbestos in the ceiling, lead paint on the walls, and pipes of questionable construction. This is on top of other concerns that stem from wear and tear, aging, and the elements. With all of these factors in mind, we highly recommend building new.


While we’ll certainly be the experts on Tulsa home remodeling and custom home building, you are the buyer! If you want some giant pillars in the middle of your home and the spots don’t really make sense, we still want you to be satisfied. It would be wise for you to take our best practice recommendations for each job, but always know that you are helping lead the dance to your new custom home build.



Having to hire an engineer, architect, and construction manager can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just hire one entity to do everything? You can if you choose to have your design and build services completed by Freedom Homes. We let you simplify and expedite this normally complicated and lengthy job without sacrificing quality work through our design-build method. Our representatives will be glad to discuss the process with you when you call our office. Remember we can custom build your new home on one of our lots or we can build on your personal lot. Either way we will streamline the process so it’s hassle free and convenient for you.

Each phase of your project needs the attention of architects, engineers, and contractors, and that’s why we pool them together early on to give your project the professional attention it deserves. We encourage you to let our office know whatever parameters you have, because our design and build services will work around you.

Having to go back and forth between entities just eats up valuable time, and it also increases the potential for miscommunications and therefore risks. Every construction project is meant to be permanent, so even a small misunderstanding can be disastrous. Our design and build services eliminate this confusion and lost time, helping everything to go smoothly. Once you call us, we take care of the rest.


Great Reviews

If you check us out really briefly online, you’ll find plenty of previous clients and fans of our work enjoying the experiences they’ve had with our company. Whether it’s purely personal encounters or they are actual clients, we’ve done our job to make sure that anyone who knows us, knows we do a fabulous job with our work. Just Google “Freedom Homes Bixby” today for great Tulsa home remodeling or custom home building!

Consistently, Clear Communication

Wouldn’t you want a contractor to provide you with crystal clear expectations for the job? You don’t want someone who beats around the bush right? What you’ll find with Freedom Homes is a company that gets stuff done! We’ll keep you up to date on the pertinent information for your job on a weekly basis. If you have any questions about the progress, please feel free to call or reach out to us. We pride ourselves on continually being available for your concerns.

On-Time and On-Budget

A crucial part of the contracting industry is to provide accurate quotes and on-time fulfillment. If this isn’t happening, then you won’t have a very successful, thriving company. You’ll have a company who’s constantly apologizing for not providing accurate information or describing “unforeseen problems” prior to letting you know these problems could happen. Know that with Freedom Homes, you won’t get this treatment.