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Have you ever thought about looking for in ground pools in Tulsa for your home? We live in Oklahoma and it gets crazy hot here! While it’s not Death Valley where temperatures can get over 120 degrees, the high 90s and 100+ degree days are killer. You can get expensive air conditioning units and you can also get athletic fit shirts to keep yourself cool in the heat. Those aren’t fun options.

The most enjoyable option to handle the heat of Oklahoma hot summers is by building an in ground pool. Getting a pool at your house creates so many perks and wonderful memories. We’ll go over the details on why in ground swimming pools in Tulsa are a great idea.


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Why is a Swimming Pool a Great Investment?

They’re just really fun!

Don’t you remember growing up and going out to the lake for a day of fun? Or maybe you had a pool at a friend’s house or a neighbor’s backyard? Maybe you lived in a neighborhood that had a large community pool! Whatever the case is, a swimming pool is a staple for many children growing up in the suburbs of America.

Furthermore, your home is a place where you are supposed to retreat from a long day of tiring work. You work your butt off to have a lovely place to call home. Why not make it a literal resort with a fun pool to enjoy in your backyard? You’ll enjoy your home more and your life more!


It’s crazy fun for the kids!

You know that when your kids hear that there’s a pool at the friend’s party, they jump for absolute joy. Why wouldn’t you want them to have a very fun, enjoyable life at your home too? If you want your kids to jump for joy and have a more awesome childhood, then give us a call today at 918.231.5828 and we’ll happily make sure you’re taken care of.


Become the party house!

You may not think you’d like to start hosting parties for people, but once you get started, you realize that there’s a lot of joy and satisfaction that comes from throwing a good party. What better way to have a great party than with a pool in the backyard?


Raise the property value of your home!

Are you living in a great place now, but you’d like to sell the place or rent it for a premium down the road? Well we know from experience that having a pool at a home makes the home extra special. An in ground pool Tulsa helps make sure that your home stands tall above the rest of the homes in the neighborhood.

Why Freedom Homes is a Great Fit

You could work with all sorts of remodelers and contractors on building your in ground pool Tulsa, but why would you want to work with Freedom Homes specifically?


Consistently, Clear Communication

Our team understands that without crystal clear communication, you can’t get good business done. Schedules get delayed, action items are forgotten and important details slip through the cracks. And whenever it comes to construction projects or in ground pools Tulsa, this could be a big problem. To address this, we have a strict follow up schedule with all of our clients and we pride ourselves on setting up a clear schedule of tasks and requirements for our team. That way, our clients are never left in the dark.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have any concerns or questions about your project, do not hesitate to raise those concerns with us. In fact, we’ll likely ask you way too often whether there’s anything you want to change or address with the job. That’s because we want to make sure you are completely confident with our projects. If you’re 100% confident in our work and love it, you’ll become an advocate for our company and that’ll help us continue to thrive in business! So if you’re not happy with our work, we’ll spend tireless hours ensuring that everything is in tip top shape.


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