The first question we ask our potential homeowners is what kind of home are you looking for? Are you looking for new construction or a home renovation? Some homeowners believe new construction is the only way to go because they get a brand new maintenance free home with all the latest bells and whistles plus it comes with a home warranty. They have peace of mind knowing everything is new. If you fall into this category our mission is to take your vision from the dream stage to reality. We do this by having open communication to ensure that your new home is being built exactly the way you envision. At the same time giving you peace of mind knowing you are getting the best value for your money. To build your custom home, trust in Freedom Homes. Our home construction company has the experience, skill, and commitment to build your new house. Call today for your personal consultation.


A new house has a multitude of advantages over an old house. One of the most important is that this house is built according to today’s standards. This means your new house is energy-efficient and meets all codes. Just a little thing like the number of electrical outlets is a big deal, for when you choose an older house, new outlets must be added. Reach out to our home builder to talk about what you want in your new house.

There are also safety factors. Older houses may have asbestos in the ceiling, lead paint on the walls, and pipes of questionable construction. This is on top of other concerns that stem from wear and tear, aging, and the elements. With all of these factors in mind, we highly recommend building new.


Let us layer the merits of a custom home over those of a new house. A custom home is essentially your creation. We are around to see that it gets built according to your plans. Now, if you are concerned about costs, let us know and we make recommendations on ways to control the price of materials and construction. Ask us to provide you with a cost estimate.

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