Steel/Metal Buildings

Are you looking to construct a metal building in Tulsa, OK? Have you shopped around other competitors and haven’t found a company that can reliably meet your needs? Have you had difficulty finding a company who has all the right credentials and experience? Well look no further than Freedom Homes! While we build custom homes for residents and future residents throughout the Tulsa metro area, we’re also in partnership with Rigid Global Buildings to provide the nation’s leading services in metal building construction.
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In Partnership with Rigid Global Buildings

Rigid Global Buildings Preferred BuilderIf you need anything in regards to Tulsa steel buildings, Rigid Global Buildings has it. They are the leading manufacturer of all sorts of steel properties you’ll be interested in. They have locations across the country and they have decided to partner with our company to provide residents in Tulsa with the best steel erector building services possible. They researched the local area, contacted 10 general contractors (one of them being us) and selected our company after multiple interviews and evaluations. Because of this, you’ll know that their company hand-picked us from the crowd of builders to provide dependable service to the city of Tulsa!

And what’s the best part about getting our manufacturing parts from Rigid Global Buildings? It’s all made in the USA. So instead of getting major delays from China and abroad for parts, you’ll be shopping from a company in the USA! So take pride in working with a steel manufacturer and contractor that’s all about American independence and values!

This is why we love building custom homes and remodels. We want to provide people with their own unique, individual desires for their homes. That’s an American value, true and true! While the government actively looks to take your freedoms away and “make things easier”, we look to provide you with the freedom to make the home you’ll want to live in for the rest of your life. If this is the kind of company you’d like to work with for metal buildings tulsa, then give us a call today!

Types of Metal Buildings


Tulsa Home Remodeling Rigid Global Buildings Metal Building ChurchBarns & Barndominiums

If you’ve got a big property and you’re looking to get a large storage shed or rebuild your farm for cattle, we’ve got the steel tools to help you! And now, there’s more and more people who are wanting to build barndominiums. Get a good, reliable company who can build these structures and concepts for you real simply.





Tulsa Home Remodeling Rigid GLobal Buildings Industrial Metal Building With Office

Convention Centers

Need a facility to host large events or expand your property limits? Are you a school principal or operational pastor and need to build an auditorium for your students or church members? Our steel buildings will be perfect for Oklahomans who enjoy an outdoors, rustic look to their church or school. Give us a call for a really quick quote!

Tulsa Home Remodeling Rigid Global Buildings Institutional GymnasiumSporting Facilities


Got a sports team that needs an upgraded building? In order to house a workout facility, some basketball courts and training space, you need a great sports facility. That’s why you should call us because we’ll respond quickly and get the materials taken care of relatively soon since Rigid Global Buildings are manufacturing their steel in the USA!







Tulsa Home Remodeling Rigid Global Buildings AcousticalIndustrial Garages


Looking to build a large garage for your treasure chest of prized vehicles? Are you a business owner who’s looking to expand your auto parts or auto repair business? Again, Freedom Homes is a place where your metal buildings Tulsa can seamlessly be constructed.








Tulsa Home Remodeling Rigid Global Buildings Commercial Retail Center OutsideDepartment Stores/Grocery Stores

Does your city need a new department store for shopping or a grocery store? Freedom Homes is able to map out large scale estimates and designs so that you get a full layout and idea of what your steel facility will look like!






Tulsa Home Remodeling Rigid Global Buildings Commercial Retail Center

Gas Stations

Tulsa Home Remodeling Rigid GLobal Buildings Commercial Gas Canopy

We can even build gas stations! Thanks to the flexibility in Rigid’s steel manufacturing, we can have our crews construct a new gas station for you and become a reliable partner as you build your gas station empire!







Here’s some other buildings below that we do as well!




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